Trost Plastics

About Us

aerialIn 1961, Arthur Trost started a small feed and fertilizer business for farmers and called it Trost Feed & Supply. For the most part, Arthur’s business did well and carried its own weight until the mid-1980’s. At that time, the American economy became a very uncertain frontier, especially for those in agriculture related professions. As such, Arthur began looking for other ways to keep the family business prosperous.sales-people

While visiting Grain Systems, Inc. on business one particular day, he learned that they were starting to manufacture and sell Heritage Vinyl Products for fencing to diversify business. Arthur felt this would also be a great way to diversify the business of Trost Feed & Supply. He brought the idea to the table and Trost Plastics was formed.

As the 1990’s arrived, Arthur’s children, Dennis and Ellen began to see the enormous potential for vinyl fencing. As they slowly began to take over Arthur’s business, they initiated the practice of buying Heritage Vinyl Products in profile and bulk to build fence and other specialty items at reduced overall costs and higher quality to the customer. In the process Trost Feed & Supply was downsized and eventually dissolved.

Today Trost Plastics, under the direction of Dennis and Janet Trost and Ellen Edler, specializes in American made vinyl and aluminum fencing and railing, Azek decking, and offers top of the line quality products, installation and services.