The Trost Way

Design Services


At Trost Plastics, we specialize in the design and custom fabrication of vinyl and aluminum fences, decks and rails.  Starting from humble roots, we grew from a local feed mill selling farm supplies to local farmers, into St. Louis Metro’s highest quality fence, deck and rail supplier-contractor. Through over 30 years of dedicated service to the St. Louis market, Trost Plastics has made custom professional vinyl and aluminum fence and decks affordable to the general public.

Designing a Trost Plastics Installation Project

Our installation design process typically begins with either a visit to our showroom or a free in-home consultation to discuss the design and layout of your project. Our experience and attention to detail is what has separated Trost Plastics from the rest of the industry. You will find that our small sales staff contains many previous fabricators and installers. This gives a huge advantage to our customers in knowing when you have a question, the answers will come from experience and extensive knowledge of our products, not just cheesy sales training seminars.

Designing your DIY project

For the do-it-yourself-er, the process starts out very similarly. Our showroom is a great place to start, but if you wish to save time feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call; most of the time we can provide you with a ballpark price right over the phone. For a more exact quote, we request that you email, fax or drop off (whatever works for you) a copy of your measurements and layout. Any pictures you have of your project area are always very helpful as well to accurately quote your materials. You will find that our per-ft. prices make budgeting for your fence and rail projects much easier than individual component pricing.

Trost Plastics Employee designing an installation project

Fabrication Services


When a customer places an order for an installation or just materials we require a 25% deposit to order or begin fabricating your material. Once you are added to our queue, our project managers will break down the project based off terrain, fence run lengths and gate placements, to come up with a break down that makes sense for your yard and blends the best. This means no more “tiny” vinyl fence sections in the corner of the yard, or questionable onsite installer “rigs” to allow your fence to handle steep or uneven terrain.

We have been fabricating vinyl products since 1988, and by doing this we have been able to cut out the middle man. This gives us a unique advantage over most other contractors and suppliers, and allows us to sell a truly premium product for a similar, sometimes lower, price than cheap imitators. Today we also fabricate our most popular aluminum fence styles as well. By doing this in-house it also adds an additional benefit – it allows us to employ more local individuals who care about what their communities will look like with our products. This pride factor is unmeasurable. Fabrication isn’t just defined as “the process of building a product” – to us it means “freedom.” The ability to fabricate our own products gives us the freedom to customize every project. This allows our projects to handle all different types of terrain or barriers. This also means that the majority of our material is in stock. We offer the most extensive inventory of vinyl fence and rail in the bi-state area. This is especially great for our DIY customers, who don’t want to wait months for what other suppliers have to special order. Our showroom and fabrication facility is one of the largest in the Midwest, located in Columbia, Illinois, just minutes from South St. Louis County and St. Louis City.

A Trost Plastics employee fabricating materials for an installation project
A Trost Plastics employee fabricating materials for an installation project

Installation Services


Just like every other part of your business, we offer experience. Our business has always believed in treating our employees right, and this simple thought has resulted in the best installation crews in St. Louis. There simply is no match to the years of experience that our employees offer. All of our employees are employees of Trost Plastics and are not subcontractors. Due to this level of experience we are able to offer our “Open Ended Installation Warranty*” to our installation customers. This warranty is a statement that we promise that every project we do will be done professionally and we will stand behind it. With this long-run mentality, you will get the reassurance that our sales staff, fabricators, and installers all have your best interest in mind. Doing the job right the first time is not just a phrase, it’s our everyday mentality.

Trost Plastics employees installing a vinyl fence

Trost Service


Here at the Trost Plastics we can service just about any fence that we have sold in the history of our business. We do offer the ability to repair some other manufacturers as well. However, due to the number of manufacturers and varying quality standards that a lot of fly-by-night contractors have used over the years, not every project can be matched exactly. This is another one of our competitive advantages, “consistency.” We have always strived to offer the highest quality materials available on the market, with the consistency to offer the same or similar styles for any future repairs or alterations

Anyone who has ever owned a fenced-in yard or visited a house with a fence, understands that gates that don’t work well or drag can be the most annoying thing in a backyard. If you are an installation customer, your Trost Plastics “Open Ended Installation Warranty*” covers this. Because of this warranty and our uncompromising attitude towards offering the best products and service, we have come up with proven proprietary designs to reinforce our vinyl gates to handle some of the toughest conditions. You will also find that not every yard has a perfectly flat space to install a gate. This is where a custom gate (by custom we mean “our standard”) from Trost Plastics blows away the competition. We build all of our gates and fences to order, so when you have a 6” grade over a 4’ wide gate, you no longer need to worry about installing an in-stock level gate then coming up with bricks, blocks or wire to close the 6” gap. This is just one of the many reasons why our products and service make the most sense for anyone looking for the job done right.

* Only valid for the original purchaser; does not cover weather-related damage, animal damage, tree damage, vehicle/lawnmower damage, etc.

Trost Plastics team members


“I really enjoyed my experience with Trost Plastics. I called them to come out and give me a quote on installing a fence. They were very eager to help me and understood what I wanted. They took in-depth measurements then gave me a quote that day. They were the most reasonably priced and offered the best fence that I could find on the market.

I would not hesitate to ever call this company again for any of my fencing needs. Everyone that I spoke to via phone or in person was professional and I truly felt like a valued customer. My dog and I could not be happier with our new fence!”

- Laurie P.

Trost Plastics was a joy to work with. The folks who came out from Trost were friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable.

They took their time to understand what my needs were, walked the property with me, provided several options and discussed the pros & cons of each. All in all, it was like having a relaxing conversation with a neighbor.

I was so impressed with their professionalism, experience, and knowledge that I went with them. They arrived on time, finished the work in one day, and with very minimal disruption to the yard. I would highly recommend this company.”

- Craig M.

“Thank you and your crew for the new and beautiful railing & spindles. My wife and I are most pleased.”

- Dick & Shirley J.

Over the years I’ve made several purchases from Trost Plastics. It all started with perimeter fencing around the home, a Gazebo and flower box. I’ve added more fencing, a specially built wide staircase to include handrails, trellises, a privacy section to conceal air conditioner, a privacy fence around patio perimeter and recently placed another order.

I give thanks to Dennis, Janet, and Ellen for providing years of quality products and keeping customer satisfaction a priority. In addition, I give thanks to all team members for supporting customer satisfaction by their dedication to maintaining high work standards.”

- Marvin F.

“We have used this provider previously at another residence and called them first for this job. They are very professional people and always get back to you very quickly.

The materials came in on time and the workers worked quickly to get the job installed even in freezing weather! They cleaned up all materials and left our property in great condition. The workers all know exactly what they are doing and work quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone wanting fencing installed!”

- Cheryl S.